A Guided Imagery Session


I woke up quite early and soon on my feet
I walked to the hardware store right down the street
I asked for a bucket of paint and a brush
Shoved it all in my bag and left in a rush

A few hours later I had it all done
A pile of blue stuff drying up in the sun:
Emotions and thoughts and assumptions untrue
My image of self, and some memories of you

I waited for midnight and went to the harbor
It’s funny, I thought that this would be much harder
I took the small boat that we once used to sail
The waves helped me row, while the stars lit the trail

I stopped when I got far enough from the shore
I looked at the chains that would hold me no more
For the last time the thought of you made my heart race
Then I sent it all down for the sea to embrace

What a wonderful session, I feel so relieved
100 bucks to the greatest shrink who ever lived
There has been a progress, says the record she’s filing
When I walk out the door, I stop nodding and smiling

And your presence inside me is solid and sound
And you’re still in my blood, in my heart, in my mind
And a decade has passed, but I still have no clue
How to let it all drown, colored in blue

  1. Amir Shitrit
    May 17, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    Wow ..

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