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To air is human

 They’re building a new mall, two blocks away from where I live. One day I decided to park my car nearby and have a look. What I saw made me snigger and I decided to take this photo. Can you see what it is? Well, I’m sure that the designer didn’t mean to express any criticism against the consumer culture, but it seems like the fork is actually chasing the guy! He’s running for his life! Is it just me? How come no one else noticed?

Sometimes I’m happy that I’m paying attention to details, specifically mistakes. It can be a virtue. It helped me in my studies, it’s very useful at work. But it’s not always such a blessing. Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t notice, like in the case of the scary fork.  Other people come to the mall, they wander from one shop to another, they have other things to think about. When I come to the mall, all I’m able to think about is this disturbing image.

There’s another downside to noticing errors – it might make you judgemental. If we stick to the example above, my respect to the people who built this mall is not the highest. And I don’t even know them! It’s not just towards other people. When I make mistakes, even typos, I’m being hard on myself. It doesn’t have to be this way. I should have learned by now that everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay – to err is human.

It’s time for me to air these old fixations and go have some coffee in the brand new mall…

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