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Fairy tale conspiracy (with a happy ending)

I went to my cousin’s wedding a couple of days ago. She is two years younger than me and the whole family was there, so you can imagine the questioning eyes around me – “Well, dear, what about you?”. I couldn’t care less about their remarks, but they did bring up a few thoughts.

Like many other girls, I grew up weeping at movies like “Titanic”, watching love winning over everything else in the 1996 version of “Romeo and Juliet”, unable to wipe off my smile watching “Notting Hill” for the 17th time at a sleepover. I heard tales and stories which ended with the eternal phrase – “they lived happily ever after”. No wonder, that as a little girl, I believed there was a prince, growing up somewhere in the world, dreaming of me. I thought that when the right day would come, we’d definitely meet. And there would be sparks and fireworks. And I’d know for sure that he’s the one. Well, you can’t blame me. A white horse is quite a rare sight, so no chance I’d miss him…

Years passed by. I grew up. I learned that the world was not a fairy tale. I stopped believing in princes. I was amazed by how far reality was from the illusion and how practical and cynical the world was. I became an adult.

I had some very good relationships. I truly loved people. I grew aware of my own advantages and disadvantages. I gained better judgment of people. I understood that you have to work to make good things last. But all these relationships ended eventually. I got disappointed, this time from the practical version of “happily ever after”. I started thinking maybe it just wasn’t for me. And when I went to weddings and aunts asked me those questions, I felt like they can’t wait to watch me grow up and make my compromises, just like they did. Just like everyone else.

The funny thing is – life has a way to surprise you when you least expect it. A split second before I stopped believing at anything at all, we finally found each other. And though he walked out of a white car instead of getting off a horse, I just knew it was him. And I have to tell you, it was worth waiting for…

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