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The doors open by themselves


I went to see the Doors (short for “Hadlatot Niftachot BeAtzman”) with my mom the other day. It was great, as always.
For those of you who don’t know the lyrics of Meir Ariel’s songs by heart, there is a song named Terminal Lominelt in which the guy walks into the terminal and the doors guess he’s there and open by themselves. This was also the name of a live show album out in 1998, the last album before Meir’s death in 1999.

Two parts in the performance that I really liked, were two great interpretations:

  • “Tuk tuk tuk al daltey marom” (Meir’s version to Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on the heaven’s door”) with Hadarah, who was singing in English while Idan was doing the Hebrew part
  • “Hikansi kvar la oto ve nisa” (Get into the car and let’s drive away) – the song that was rated worst song of the year on Galgalatz (ironic…) in a fresh and meaningful interpretation

I always forget everything else for a couple of hours when I go to see them. It’s a kind of therapy. The crowd is not the usual crowd you see in such places. I was also surprised to see young faces among the older ones. Seems like Meir did leave his mark on the Israeli culture…

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