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28 is just a number

I had my 28th birthday a week ago. I can’t say I like this number. It doesn’t look pretty in any base. I think I’ll be happier at 31 (11111).
It was a pretty fun birthday, though. 🙂 I got an unprecedented amount of calls and messages, ate a lot of chocolate, ran away from crazy people with confetti in a dark alley (love you guys) and got the most creative set of balloons ever:

(Thanks Yuval :-))

It was also the day of the drawing course, which filled my heart with joy yet again. 
I’m finally giving in to this urge inside me to break free from chains like “other people are better at it, so why bother”, “what practical use is there to it”, etc. It really makes me feel free. Even though it’s still technical, I understand that you don’t necessarily have to have an extraordinary talent. You do have to have the urge to translate your emotions into something you can keep, look at, maybe even share with others (on a brand new blog page…)

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